Maxflight Virtual Rollercoaster

The VR 2002 Roller Coaster Simulator, a full motion, cockpit sized theme park, has succeeded in phenomenal fashion worldwide. Passengers will strap into the coaster cockpit and the full-motion 360 degree “forward-of-axis” action sends them soaring, spiraling, plunging and twisting in two different pulse-pounding directions. Every loop, leap and lunge is seen on the huge HD Display. Premium quality 5.1 surround sound and the feel of real wind in your face creates a true adrenaline rush.

  • A realistic immersive experience!
  • You and a friend can enjoy it together!
  • Different rollercoasters to choose from!
  • We also offer wooden coaster options for those who don’t care for the flips!
  • Only $10.00 per rider
  • Height and weight requirements must be met in order to ride