Lasertron Laser Tag

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Bring your friends and family to play Lasertron at Golf and Games Memphis. Check our pricing and admissions page for pricing

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Now Playing: LASERTRON’s Headquarters

  • Objective: Destroy all of the opposing team’s Headquarters
  • Details: Two Teams – Red vs Green. Each Team works together to destroy all of the opposing team’s Headquarters before the game time expires plus Recharging/Re-Spawning = High Intensity Game.

Now Playing: LASERTRON’s Team Base

  • Objective: Work with your teammates to outscore the opposing team.
  • Details: Two Teams – Red vs Green. Each team works together to offensively attack the opposing team’s Base Targets while defending their own Base plus Recharging/Re-Spawning = High Intensity Game.

Duration: 30 minutes (briefing time plus 4 rounds of gameplay)

Player Gear: LASERTRON’s LT-12.9 PRO laser tag equipment.

Arena: Unique and massive, multi-level LASERTRON designed LED Illuminated laser tag arena. This arena is 3 to 4 times larger than most laser tag arenas in the United States!

  • Capacity: 40 Players

Height Requirements: Adult and Youth players must be 48”, or taller, to participate.

Health Benefits: Treat your body to a calorie burn of up to 1,000 calories when you play two sessions of LASERTRON laser tag!