Covid 19 Info

Putt -Putt’s Covid 19 Operating Plan

Goals are to ensure guests maintain safe spacing per governmental social distancing requirements. All steps outlined are to achieve this goal and enjoy some night time golf.


  1. Employee temperature check before clocking in.
  2. Plexiglass shield installed at point of sale to protect employees from guest exposure.
  3. One customer at the counter at a time.
  4. Guests must maintain a 6 ft. distance from other guests.
  5. Due to city ordinance, face masks are required when entering the building and interacting with staff


  1. Start a queue line at the beginning of the range deck, going down the sidewalk towards the putting green and along the side of that green, clearly marked with places six feet apart for guests to stand. This keeps the range deck clear of any gatherings and protects the hitters at those bays from people standing too close to their hitting area. An attendant at the beginning of the line would coordinate with the employee at the point of sale, sending guests one at a time down to the register to make their range ball purchase. The employee would ring them up, get a bucket, swipe the card, fill the bucket, hand the bucket off to the guest, and send them down range to their assigned hitting bay. Hitters are more than six feet apart in any given bay. Hand sanitizer would be available at the point of sale for guests to utilize at the time of purchase and after hitting. 
  2. Guests limited to one person per bay
  3. One small table and one chair at each applicable bay.  All couches and seating for more than one person have been removed.
  4. Grass tees will be clearly marked, no less than 10 feet apart.
  5. All range buckets will be sanitized before and after usage. 
  6. All Toptracer screens cleaned and sanitized after usage. 
  7. No loaner clubs will be provided.  Customers must use their own clubs.
  8. Attendant stationed at the door to the restrooms on the range, allowing guests in two at a time to use those facilities and to maintain proper flow and prevent overcrowding.
  9. Attendants and/or security will patrol the parking lot to prevent groups from massing in the parking lot.  They will either get in the marked queue line or vacate the premises. 
  10. All employees will be fitted with masks and/or face shields. 
  11. Posted signs throughout the facility. 
  • Please wash your hands
  • Please Do Not Touch your Face
  • Stay 6 Feet Apart

Guidelines for playing Putt Putt:

  1. Four people per hole is the maximum
  2. A minimum of one complete hole preferably
  3. Two holes between groups
  4. No playing through if behind a slower group

Each group will be started on a separate course. Putt – Putt Family Park is sanitizing putters and golf balls before and after each use. Each hole has a stopper so golfers do not have to reach in the hole to retrieve the golf ball.

Guideline for Batting Cages:

  1. must provide own bat and helmet
  2. one person inside the cage at a time